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Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc.

Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc. (MMSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xymetrex, Inc. The company was founded in 1990 to deliver remote, highly reliable facility information and has grown to offer a full range of electrical and mechanical contracting services in addition to its data services..

Jim Halpern


Jim is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. During his time at CMU, he worked at the Institute of Building Sciences, now known as the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics. In 1980, Jim was awarded the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for his work in solar energy. In 1982, Jim oversaw the energy efficiency upgrades to 15,000 residential units through out New Jersey. As part of this work, Jim developed the statistical formulae and procedures for quantifying real energy savings achieved. Many of these procedures are still in use today.

In 1990, Jim saw a need for improving measurement and verification practices in the emerging Energy Savings Performance Contract field. Knowing that an economical, automated process was feasible, Jim founded Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc. In its first ten years, the company became the measurement component of over 1,000 ESPC projects. Since then, MMSI has expanded to assist utilities in making their operations more efficient through the use of online data management.

In 1994, Jim served on the policy committee that created the North American Energy Measurement and Verification("NEMVP") Protocol which served as the basis for measurement of energy savings for many ESPC and FEMP projects. Jim would later serve as Vice Chair for the revision of NEMVP in 2001 when it became the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol.

In 1999, Jim served on a National Academy of Science panel to make recommendations to the US government for setting maintenance and repair budgets for Federal buildings.